Anatoly Moskvin

Anatoly Moskvin was a highly educated Russian historian and linguist who lived in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. Despite his impressive education and career, Anatoly gained notoriety for his strange hobby of exhuming corpses and transforming them into dolls, which looked eerily lifelike.

Throughout his childhood, Anatoly showed an unhealthy fascination with death and funerals, which concerned those around him. As he grew older, he developed a particular interest in death customs and rituals from other cultures.

Anatoly’s love for history led him to attain multiple degrees in history and linguistics, work as a journalist, and teach at a university. However, his macabre hobby was uncovered in 2011 after police discovered the mummified bodies of 26 girls whom he had exhumed from local cemeteries.

Despite claiming that his actions were an attempt to “bring the children back to life and protect them from evil spirits,” Anatoly was arrested and charged with desecration of graves and dead bodies. Since he was determined to be mentally unfit to stand trial, he was committed to a psychiatric institution, where he remains to this day.

The case of Anatoly Moskvin continues to captivate and intrigue many people worldwide, with some questioning how someone with so much intellect and education could become engrossed in such a bizarre and disturbing hobby.

Early Life

Anatoly Moskvin, doğum yeri olan Nijni Novgorod’da 1966 yılında dünyaya geldi. Moskvin, küçük yaşlardan itibaren ölüm ve cenazelerle ilgili takıntıları olan garip bir çocuk olarak bilinirdi.

Çocukluğunda, özellikle de annesi evde yokken, ölü hayvanların kemiklerini avlayarak oynardı. Moskvin, genç yaşlarda bazı büyü ve sihirsel ritüellerle ilgilenmeye başladı. Dahası, kendi vücuduna kesikler açarak kendini cezalandırırdı.

Bir röportajında, Moskvin’in doğumunda meydana gelen tıbbi bir hatanın, henüz doğum anında beynine oksijen ulaşmamasına neden olduğunu söylediği bildirildi. Bu sağlık sorunu onun davranışlarını etkileyebilecek bir faktördü.

Education and Career

Moskvin was a highly educated individual who had a deep interest in history and linguistics. He obtained multiple degrees related to his fields of interest and was considered an expert in his areas of study. He also worked as a journalist and contributed articles to several publications. Moskvin’s passion for teaching led him to work as a professor at a university for a period of time. It is believed that his intellect and education played a significant role in fueling his bizarre obsession with exhuming corpses and turning them into dolls.

The Discovery

In 2011, authorities received information that Anatoly Moskvin had been desecrating graves in local cemeteries. When police raided Moskvin’s home, they discovered the shocking truth about his bizarre hobby. Inside, they found 26 mummified young girls, dressed in clothing and face paint.

It was discovered that Moskvin had exhumed these girls from various cemeteries around the region, bringing them back to his home and turning them into lifelike dolls. The bodies were found to have been preserved with a mixture of baking soda and salt and were stored throughout the house, even in his bedroom.

The discovery of these mummified bodies of young girls left law enforcement shocked and speechless. There were no words to describe the level of depravity that this once respected journalist had fallen into. Moskvin’s disturbing obsession had finally come to light, and the world was left forever changed.


Anatoly Moskvin, a Russian historian and linguist, shocked the world with his bizarre hobby of exhuming corpses and turning them into lifelike dolls. Despite being highly educated and holding multiple degrees, Moskvin’s motive for his macabre hobby remains shrouded in mystery. He claimed that he was attempting to bring the children back to life and protect them from evil spirits, but this explanation has done little to quell the horror and disgust that many feel towards his actions. Moskvin’s mental state may have been a contributing factor to his misguided belief, as he was deemed mentally unfit to stand trial and was committed to a psychiatric institution.

Legal Proceedings

After the discovery of the mummified corpses in Anatoly Moskvin’s home, he was arrested and charged with desecration of graves and dead bodies. During his trial, he pleaded not guilty and claimed that he was only trying to bring the children back to life. However, due to his bizarre behavior and mental state, he was deemed mentally unfit to stand trial.

Instead, Moskvin was committed to a psychiatric institution where he received treatment for his mental health issues. He remained there until his death in 2020.

The case of Anatoly Moskvin has sparked debates about the ethics of psychiatric treatment for individuals who commit crimes due to mental health issues and the responsibility of institutions to prevent such acts from happening in the first place.


Anatoly Moskvin’s case has left a profound impact on the world, especially in Russia. People are baffled and inquisitive, trying to understand how someone of Moskvin’s intellect could be involved in such a twisted hobby.

Some psychologists suggest that his unusual childhood and his interest in death laid the foundation for his bizarre obsession, while others believe it was a case of severe psychological disorder. Regardless, his actions have shaken the nation, leading to stricter enforcement of grave protection laws.

Despite the unsettling nature of Moskvin’s case, it has sparked conversations about mental health and the societal impact of stigmatizing it. It serves as a reminder that even those who seem intelligent and highly-educated can struggle with mental illness.

Overall, Moskvin’s legacy is a haunting one, underscoring the importance of seeking help when dealing with mental health issues and the need for more concrete measures to prevent such desecration of graves and corpses from happening again.

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