Xayah CT (Counter-Terrorist)

Xayah is not only a beloved champion in League of Legends but also a valuable addition to any CT team in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Her swift movements, stealth, and outstanding accuracy make her an asset to any CT team. As a CT agent, Xayah’s primary goal is to defend the location and engage with long-range attacks. Her ultimate ability, Featherstorm, allows her to evade danger quickly. As an attacker, Xayah’s mobility with her wings is an enormous advantage. With her ability to flank the enemy and attack from unexpected angles, Xayah can take the enemy by surprise.

Xayah’s Skills as a CT Agent

Xayah, one of the most popular champions in League of Legends, also brings her unique set of skills to the CT mode. Her agility and swift movements on the battlefield make her stand out amongst other CT agents. Xayah’s precision in shooting accurate bolts is second to none, making her a formidable opponent to any Terrorist team. Her ability to keep stealth and stay hidden allows her to catch enemies off guard. With her sharp feathers and wings, she can make a quick escape when things get heated. All these abilities make Xayah an asset to any CT team.

Playing as Xayah in CT Mode

Xayah’s unique skill set makes her a valuable asset to any CT team. To maximize her effectiveness, players can focus on defending with long-range attacks and quickly moving from one position to another. Xayah’s ultimate ability, Featherstorm, can also be a great tool to escape danger.

When playing as Xayah, it’s essential to stay aware of your surroundings and stay on the move. Players can use her penetrating aerial attacks to defend important areas on the map and pick off enemies from a distance. Additionally, it’s crucial to communicate with your team about your positioning and intended targets to maximize your effectiveness.

With Xayah’s mobility, players can quickly move around the map and catch enemies off guard. Flanking is an effective strategy, using Xayah’s wings to attack enemies from unexpected angles. Players can also use doorways and corners to peek out and shoot at enemies before retreating to safety.

Overall, playing as Xayah in CT mode requires quick reflexes, precise aim, and strategic thinking. With her unique skill set, Xayah can be a valuable asset to any CT team.

Defensive Strategies as Xayah

Xayah’s penetrating aerial attacks make her an asset in defending critical areas on the map. By positioning herself in high ground locations, she can easily thwart enemy advances with her accurate bolt shots. It’s essential for players to focus on accuracy when playing Xayah in CT mode, as one well-timed shot can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Communication is also critical when playing as Xayah, players should communicate with their team to coordinate their positioning and intended targets. Additionally, players should always be on the move, making it harder for enemies to predict their movements and allowing for quick escapes if necessary.

The Importance of Accuracy

Xayah’s abilities make her a powerful CT agent in the right hands. Her bolts can deal devastating damage if they hit accurately, so players need to prioritize improving their aim and timing. Focusing on accuracy will not only increase the chances of eliminating the enemy but also prevent wasting precious ammunition. A good strategy is to aim for headshots, which deal the most damage and can quickly take down enemies. Additionally, players should practice timing their shots, as Xayah’s bolts have a short delay before firing. By mastering accuracy, Xayah can be a lethal asset to any CT team.

Team Communication

Xayah’s ability to work well with her team is what makes her an invaluable asset in CT mode. To make the most of her skills, it’s crucial for Xayah to communicate with her team about her positioning and intended targets. This will enable her team to provide her cover fire, allowing her to unleash accurate bolts on the enemies. Good communication can also help alert Xayah to any danger that may be approaching, allowing her to reposition herself or activate her ultimate ability, Featherstorm, to quickly escape. Effective team communication is the key to maximizing Xayah’s potential and ensuring a successful CT round.

Movement Strategies as Xayah

Xayah’s mobility is what makes her a valuable asset to any CT team. Her speed and agility allow her to quickly move around the map and catch enemies off guard. As a CT player, it’s important to take advantage of Xayah’s mobility by using her wings to flank enemies and attack them from unexpected angles. Additionally, players can use her quick movements to peek and shoot at enemies before retreating to safety. It’s also essential to communicate with your team so that they know where you are and where you plan on moving. By doing so, you can catch enemies off guard and gain a tactical advantage in the game.


Xayah’s wings are not only for aesthetics but also for strategic purposes in CT mode. Players can use her wings to their advantage by flanking enemies and attacking from unexpected angles. This not only deals more damage to the opponent but also catches them off guard, increasing the chances of winning the round.

To successfully flank as Xayah, players should take advantage of her quick movements and high mobility. They can move around the map through sneaky paths and corners, making sure to avoid detection from the opponent. Once they are in position, they can surprise the enemy and attack from behind or the side.

Furthermore, players can use their team communication skills to coordinate with their teammates and set up a successful flank. For example, they can inform their teammates about their intended position and timing, who can then provide support and cover fire to ensure a successful attack.

In summary, flanking with Xayah is a potent strategy that can turn the game around in CT mode. Utilizing her wings and mobility, players can catch the enemy off guard and attack from unexpected angles for maximum effectiveness.

Peek and Shoot

Xayah’s ability to move quickly along with her precision makes her a great pick for CT mode. One of the strategies that players can adapt when playing as Xayah in CT mode is peeking and shooting. This means that Xayah can use doorways and corners to her advantage by peeking out, shooting at enemies quickly, and then retreating back to safety without getting hit. This strategy requires good aiming skills and quick reflexes to dodge enemy bullets. However, it can be an effective way to eliminate opponents without exposing oneself to danger for too long.

Using Xayah’s Ultimate Ability

Xayah’s ultimate ability, Featherstorm, is incredibly versatile and can be used in various situations. When used defensively, it allows Xayah to quickly escape from dangerous situations. For example, if she’s outnumbered by enemies or caught in the middle of a dangerous crossfire, Xayah can activate Featherstorm to briefly become untargetable and dash in a chosen direction, allowing her to get out of harm’s way.

On the other hand, Featherstorm can also be used offensively to chase down enemies and deal damage. Xayah can use it to quickly close the gap between her and an enemy, potentially catching them off guard and securing a kill. Additionally, the ability deals damage to enemies and can be used in combination with Xayah’s other abilities to create devastating combos.

In summary, Featherstorm is a powerful tool that can be used both defensively and offensively, making it an essential part of Xayah’s arsenal in CT mode.


Overall, Xayah is a champion who can be very useful as a CT agent in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Her skills in moving quickly, stealth, and shooting accurately can make her a valuable asset to any CT team. Playing as Xayah requires a focus on defense and movement, and players must be precise and communicative to make the most of her abilities. Whether flanking enemies with her wings, peeking out to shoot with her bolts, or using her ultimate ability defensively or offensively, Xayah can help lead her team to victory. All in all, Xayah CT is a top pick for anyone looking to bring a high level of movement and surprise to their CT gameplay.

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